"I will not leave you as Orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Project (B. W. Payne School Bathroom Rehabilitation (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)         IN PROCESS
Funding construction of gender-appropriate toilets and hand-washing facilities, access to potable drinking water and solid waste management with proper boundaries.($27.00 per child)
Project Goal:  $7,000 per year  Impact: 375 children         Amount Raised: $2,387.00

Project (Hygiene Kits for Children)                                                                ONGOING
In Honor of Liberian Health Care Workers!
Purchase/Shipment of Sanitation Kits for Orphaned, Displaced School Age Kids via select schools and churches.  ($27.00 per child)
Project Goal:  $13,500.  Impact: 500 children         Amount Raised: $1,200.00

Hinds' Feet Ministries construction of "Celebrate Heritage Center" home for orphans, vulnerable and disadvantaged war affected children in Wealah Salala District, Bong County, Liberia.
Project Goal:  $60,000     Impact: 1000 children       Amount Raised: $6,035.00

Emergency Project (SGP Liberia Ebola Crisis)           COMPLETED
Fundraising Complete In support of a fledging organization raised funds for St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Reston, VA shipment of PPO’s to Monrovia, Liberia. 
Project Goal: $1,000.00   Impact: 300 HealthCare Workers   Amount Raised:: $1,575.00.

2012 Awardee/    2013 Project                                               COMPLETED
Fundraising Complete -Construction-Charles B. Harris Community School for displaced and orphaned children in Lower Careysburg

2011 Awardees/  2012 Project 1                                            COMPLETED
                             2012 Project 2                                            COMPLETED
Fundraising Complete -Furnishing newly constructed male orphans dormitory and JCCM International of White Plains Orphanage and orphan caregivers training sponsorship-REAP Organization

2010 Awardees/  2011 Project 1                                            COMPLETED
                             2011 Project 2                                            COMPLETED
Fundraising Complete -Todee Mission-Orphan Sponsorship Program-full scholarship for 4 Orphans and Mother Wleh Orphanage-Early Learning Center Building

2009 Awardee/     2010 Project                                              COMPLETED
Fundraising Complete 2009 project Construction of New Church/School Building for Mother Wleh Orphanage/CSOP, Monrovia, RIA Highway